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The front of my knee and leg hurts when I sit or lay down after being on my feet for about an hour or more. Why?
I developed lymphedema after having a groin lymph node dissected due to cancer. My entire leg and foot are affected by lymphedema. I also have varicose veins, too. I wear compression hose for it but the pain I ... Read more
I had the ClosureFast procedure 4 hrs ago and am now having sharp, stabbing pain on the top of my foot. Is this normal?
ClosureFast - 1 answer
The pain is not constant but is continual, happening approximately 2- 3 times each minute. Should I be concerned or is this normal following this procedure? Will Advil or something similar help? Read more
I had endovenous laser treatment 24 days ago. Is it normal for the leg to swell after my first time returning to the gym?
EVLT - 1 answer
I had an EVLT done 24 days ago. I started exercising again 1 week ago. I started feeling discomfort in the leg after the last workout. Now my leg is 2 cm bigger in circumference than the healthy leg. There is n... Read more
I just had a hip replaced and am seeing swelling on the opposite side. Should I wear compression stockings on both legs?
I just had a hip replaced. I have a compression stocking on the opposite side to the operation and am getting swelling. Should I use compression on both legs? My surgeon did not say how long to wear it and whe... Read more
Why do I have a dull, heavy, aching feeling when I wear compression socks? How can this be fixed?
General - 1 answer
I have worn 20-30 mmHg compression socks. My left leg has a dull, heavy, aching feeling when I wear the socks. My right leg is fine. I recently went down to 15-20 mmHg but the same thing is happening. Why is th... Read more
Should I have all my refluxing superficial veins injected?
ClariVein - 1 answer
I’m a 45-year-old male who had ClariVein treatment on his GSV (both legs) and SSV (right leg). After 6 weeks, I still had a lot of heaviness. The ultrasound technician said I had several other veins in my rt ... Read more
Should I wait until I stop birth control before getting vein ablation and stripping?
I had vein ablation and stripping 6 years ago, then I got pregnant and developed varicose veins again. They seem to be getting worse since starting birth control 20 months ago. I’ve read some things about how... Read more
Can blood coagulation from sclerotherapy be evacuated 8 weeks post-procedure?
Sclerotherapy - 1 answer
After sclerotherapy, I have what looks like a hard black marble under my skin. It is a blood coagulation. My doctor does not want to evacuate it because he says it can scar. Can blood coagulation from sclerothe... Read more
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I had a phlebectomy 3 days ago. My thigh-high compression stockings cut right through a large bruise, making it painful. Can I stop wearing stockings?
Phlebectomy - 1 answer
I had a phlebectomy 3 days ago on my leg, almost up to the hip. My thigh-high compression stockings cut right through a large bruise, making it painful. I don't have full compression stockings, nor do I want to... Read more
Is it safe to stop wearing compression stockings 2 weeks after endovenous laser treatment and phlebectomy?
EVLT - 2 answers
I had endovenous laser treatment and phlebectomy. My doctor recommends I wear thigh-high stockings day and night for 2 weeks. Is it safe to completely stop wearing them after this period? Read more
If I've had endovenous laser ablation, can I return to heavy weightlifting before 6 weeks?
I am an avid heavy weightlifter (5-6 times a week). The physician said no weightlifting for 6 weeks. Do I really need to wait this long? Can I resume before this timeline? Read more
Will lifting my children after endovenous laser ablation cause damage?
I had laser ablation performed on one leg 5 days ago. My partner is due to go back to work tomorrow and we have 2 toddlers. My question is, could I do damage by lifting my kids? I can avoid lifting my 3-year-ol... Read more
Will sclerotherapy on feet or around ankles potentially compromise capillary beds or arteries in those areas?
Sclerotherapy - 1 answer
My vascular surgeon won't treat small/medium varicose veins on my ankles and feet because he says they are too close to the capillary beds and arteries. He doesn't want to risk accidentally closing off those ar... Read more
If you have spider veins in your lateral thigh, should treatment begin in the knee or upper thigh?
Foam Sclerotherapy - 2 answers
I have spider veins in my lateral thigh. Should treatment begin in the knee or upper thigh? Read more
Why would a doctor recommend a patient wear compression stockings for life?
I had endovenous laser ablation and phlebectomy, yet my doctor still suggests I wear compression stockings for life. I'm so disappointed. I originally wanted spider vein treated but I had to have the phlebectom... Read more
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