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The deep, blue veins in my shoulders, arms, chest, and legs are very visible. Should I be concerned?
General - 1 answer
I don't think this is a new symptom, as I have never really paid attention to it before. I have always had remarks of "Oh I love this type of vein" when getting blood drawn, but recently I have noticed how visi... Read more
Is it safe to wear these in bed? I've found relief wearing them; the throbbing in my calves isn't as bad.
I'm 45 and have had Angina related symptoms for the past two years (now much worse). I have low to very low BP and chronic aching calves and ankles with mild swelling. I am in the early stages of cardiac testin... Read more
I thought no stitches were needed for a microphebectomy. Were stitches necessary?
Microphlebectomy - 1 answer
I am upset that I now have 1 to 2 cm big X mark scars on my leg because of the stitches done by my doctor (I noticed when she took the tape off after 2 weeks). Is there any way I can get rid of these scars? She... Read more
Is it safe to continue treatments while taking this drug?
Sclerotherapy - 1 answer
I have had sclerotherapy treatments done on my legs for a number of years. I now take Tamoxifen daily due to breast cancer diagnosis. Read more
Could this be the beginning of more varicose veins?
I had Venous Ablation 8 months ago and healed fast with no problems until the last few days. I've had a burning sensation in my lower legs and around the ankles. Read more
Should I be concerned or is this normal since I had both the SSV and GSV ablated in my left leg?
ClosureFast - 1 answer
I had RF ablation to both of my legs. Right leg GSV was done18 days ago; the left GSV and SSV 11 days ago. My left leg is now larger than my right! I am not experiencing any abnormal discomfort or symptoms that... Read more
Is this normal? How long until I can expect this to resolve?
VNUS - 1 answer
I had a VNUS procedure of my left great saphenous vein 3 weeks ago. I'm still experiencing discomfort 3 weeks post-op. The pain is along my inner thigh. It is tender to touch and often throbs. It frequently fee... Read more
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After the procedure is done, can you wear knee-high compression socks or does it have to be thigh-high compression socks?
I was told to wear thigh high compression socks the last time I had a procedure where they closed one vein off. It was painful. They wouldn't stay up and they irritated my skin, leaving red marks around my leg.... Read more
I think a 30-40 thigh-high stocking is too long for me. Can I try a 20-30 knee-high stocking?
I had foam sclerotherapy done yesterday; no DVT. I was given a 30-40 thigh-high stocking. It is much too tight and makes my foot is tingle. I took the stocking off and have kept the foot elevated. The tingling ... Read more
Are women necessarily more affected by varicose veins than men?
General - 1 answer
I got a varicose vein at 18. I worry my daughter will have much stronger varicose veins because of hormones, less muscle, pregnancy, etc. However, I have just read that men are equally affected but are less lik... Read more
Is foam collapse and syringe sticking a real problem in foam sclerotherapy? Trying to develop new syringe technology to solve this. Is there a need?
Sclerotherapy - 1 answer
We are a materials research company focused on technologies for drug delivery devices. Our initial research indicated that using standard syringes for foam compounding and delivery can be a problem. Silicone oi... Read more
Would knee injections (Euflexxa) cause problems if I also have varicose veins?
General - 1 answer
I have varicose veins and knee arthritis in my left leg. I ruled out having a knee replacement, as I am 86 and refuse to opt for possible blood clots. I had the endovenous ablation on both legs a year ago and g... Read more
Can I stop wearing the thigh-high compression stocking?
I have been wearing a thigh-high compression stocking, but dermatitis on my lower leg flared up bad and has become inflamed. Read more
Can hemosiderin deposits be treated with lasers?
Can hemosiderin deposits be treated with lasers? Read more
Is the right approach LGSV ablation?
Ultrasound shows venous insufficiency, chronic peripheral. Venous duplex shows a significant amount of reflux in both lower extremities. Both SJF, GSV (thigh&calf); reflux time 1956+ms (RT leg) 1704ms(LF leg)... Read more
Was my deep vein damaged during thermal ablation?
I had a thermal ablation 4 days ago. I went for an ultrasound yesterday and the tech saw the main deep vein was too close to the affected vein. I have to see the doctor in 2 days. She said I might need medicati... Read more
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