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If this is the case, should it be re-done free/lower cost/full price? How do I approach this?
I had VNUS closure about 2.5 years ago on all 4 veins (2 per leg) with a Cardiologist. Recently I began weight training and have lost 70 lbs. In my lower right leg, I have noticed a wide blue vein that is sligh... Read more
Large painful lumps after VNUS closure and microphlebectomy, extremely sore incision sites leaking fluid. Is this normal?
Phlebectomy - 1 answer
Two weeks post-op, and still in pain. I have a somewhat large lump (inner knee area) that is making it extremely painful to walk. It is still bruised, and very swollen. My doctor's office is having a hard time ... Read more
What pain med would be ok to take-(I'm allergic to Motrin)?
EVLT - 1 answer
I suspected discomfort after EVLT. Most information makes it sound too easy. Read more
What size stockings should I wear?
I have a swollen foot and ankle. Read more
What could have caused that?
It’s been about a year since I’ve had my vein ablation. Yesterday afternoon after doing a yoga pigeon pose where are you really stretch your hip and knees, I saw Petechiae on my right hip (a large area of i... Read more
The deep, blue veins in my shoulders, arms, chest, and legs are very visible. Should I be concerned?
General - 1 answer
I don't think this is a new symptom, as I have never really paid attention to it before. I have always had remarks of "Oh I love this type of vein" when getting blood drawn, but recently I have noticed how visi... Read more
Is it safe to wear these in bed? I've found relief wearing them; the throbbing in my calves isn't as bad.
I'm 45 and have had Angina related symptoms for the past two years (now much worse). I have low to very low BP and chronic aching calves and ankles with mild swelling. I am in the early stages of cardiac testin... Read more
I thought no stitches were needed for a microphebectomy. Were stitches necessary?
Microphlebectomy - 1 answer
I am upset that I now have 1 to 2 cm big X mark scars on my leg because of the stitches done by my doctor (I noticed when she took the tape off after 2 weeks). Is there any way I can get rid of these scars? She... Read more
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Is it safe to continue treatments while taking this drug?
Sclerotherapy - 1 answer
I have had sclerotherapy treatments done on my legs for a number of years. I now take Tamoxifen daily due to breast cancer diagnosis. Read more
Could this be the beginning of more varicose veins?
I had Venous Ablation 8 months ago and healed fast with no problems until the last few days. I've had a burning sensation in my lower legs and around the ankles. Read more
Should I be concerned or is this normal since I had both the SSV and GSV ablated in my left leg?
ClosureFast - 1 answer
I had RF ablation to both of my legs. Right leg GSV was done18 days ago; the left GSV and SSV 11 days ago. My left leg is now larger than my right! I am not experiencing any abnormal discomfort or symptoms that... Read more
Is this normal? How long until I can expect this to resolve?
VNUS - 1 answer
I had a VNUS procedure of my left great saphenous vein 3 weeks ago. I'm still experiencing discomfort 3 weeks post-op. The pain is along my inner thigh. It is tender to touch and often throbs. It frequently fee... Read more
After the procedure is done, can you wear knee-high compression socks or does it have to be thigh-high compression socks?
I was told to wear thigh high compression socks the last time I had a procedure where they closed one vein off. It was painful. They wouldn't stay up and they irritated my skin, leaving red marks around my leg.... Read more
I think a 30-40 thigh-high stocking is too long for me. Can I try a 20-30 knee-high stocking?
I had foam sclerotherapy done yesterday; no DVT. I was given a 30-40 thigh-high stocking. It is much too tight and makes my foot is tingle. I took the stocking off and have kept the foot elevated. The tingling ... Read more
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