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I had EVLT done on both of my legs approx 2 years ago because of spider veins on feet/ankles from reflux.
EVLT - 1 answer
Since then I’ve experienced swelling in both my ankles. I’ve had 2 ultrasounds by different doctors and no one can find anything wrong. I had no swelling before and now deal with it daily. Any thoughts as t... Read more
Pelvic Congestion Syndrome - My MD is telling me that I need to take the depo shot to see if it'll help my pain.
I only have pain in my right pelvic area and I just had torsion ovary she removed my right ovary because it wasn't getting oxygen and I had a big cyst on it I think she said it was 7meters. Anyways I am also at... Read more
I am a 60 year old male that suffers from varicose veins. I had one leg stripped of the vein approx 15 years ago, then the other approx 10 years ago.
Since then, both legs have returned to varicose veins, as bad or worse than before. So far they do not bother me too much physically, but they are horrible to look at, I don't feel comfortable in shorts or goin... Read more
Continuation of therapy and what to expect.
I had two treatments of sclerotherapy following gsv & ssv closure for heaviness and vein changes. I still have some veins that I would like to continue to try to get rid of as well as new ones popping up. I'm 3... Read more
I have heaviness in my leg 8 weeks after phlebectomy.
I had a phlebectomy 8 weeks ago and the veins are still visible but smaller than before and there are new ones as well, as I still have heaviness. I went to the doctor a week after the procedure and he said eve... Read more
Is it normal to have new varicose veins a month after phlebectomy?
I notice a new small varicose vein a month after phlebectomy. It is very small and hardly seen but I am worried about it Read more
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Why hasn't sclerotherapy worked? Why are the veins treated and surrounding veins are getting worse, despite attending the same clinic for 10 years?
I first got my veins treated 10 years ago. I had about 5 bulging veins on the back of my leg below the knee--they also only appear when I stand up. After my 2 sessions of sclerotherapy, it seemed to have worked... Read more
I am having phlebectomy after few days.
1- When I can wear high heels after the procedure? 2- When I can wear jeans pants? 3- When I can take normal showers? 4- When I can stand up for a while? Read more
My physician is recommending an Ambulatory Phlebotomy under general anesthesia. Is that common?
53 yo male with left leg chronic symptomatic varicose veins and a 2 cm venous aneurysm located in his anterior medial thigh in the setting of saphenous vein reflux. The patient also has left leg skin thinning, ... Read more
Large painful lumps after VNUS closure and microphlebectomy, extremely sore incision sites leaking fluid. Is this normal?
Phlebectomy - 1 answer
Two weeks post-op, and still in pain. I have a somewhat large lump (inner knee area) that is making it extremely painful to walk. It is still bruised, and very swollen. My doctor's office is having a hard time ... Read more
What pain med would be ok to take-(I'm allergic to Motrin)?
EVLT - 1 answer
I suspected discomfort after EVLT. Most information makes it sound too easy. Read more
What size stockings should I wear?
I have a swollen foot and ankle. Read more
What could have caused that?
It’s been about a year since I’ve had my vein ablation. Yesterday afternoon after doing a yoga pigeon pose where are you really stretch your hip and knees, I saw Petechiae on my right hip (a large area of i... Read more
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