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Leg Swelling Treatment Questions

I just had a hip replaced and am seeing swelling on the opposite side. Should I wear compression stockings on both legs?
Leg Swelling Treatment -1 answer
I just had a hip replaced. I have a compression stocking on the opposite side to the operation and am getting swelling. Should I use compression on both legs? My surgeon did not say how long to wear it and whe... Read more
I have cellulitis and a vascular problem. What type of compression hose should I wear?
Leg Swelling Treatment -1 answer
My leg is swollen and dark from cellulitis. I was given antibiotics and told to wear support stocks because I have a vascular problem, too. I need the right stocking for my leg. Can you help? Read more
My bulging veins hurt and look worse after wearing compression stockings that wrinkled around my ankle. What should I do?
Leg Swelling Treatment -1 answer
I have bulging veins in my left foot and wore compression stockings that wrinkled around my ankle. Now the veins hurt and look worse. What should I do? Read more
I have 1 swollen leg after ORIF and DVT. I’m on blood thinners. Should I wear compression stockings on both legs despite different measurements?
Leg Swelling Treatment -1 answer
I’m 6 weeks out of a leg cast after ORIF due to breaking my fibula above the ankle. I developed a DVT in my upper thigh during treatment. I’m on blood thinners now for a while (Rivaoxyban). My leg and foot ... Read more
Why do my legs become swollen only above the knee, including my thighs?
Leg Swelling Treatment -2 answers
Both my legs swell above the knee to my thighs. In the morning my legs feel normal. It looks wrinkley above the knee. The swelling starts in the afternoon. The most is in the evening. In the morning it looks no... Read more
I have severe leg swelling, skin discoloration and pain related to past deliveries. It's now ongoing. What could this be?
Leg Swelling Treatment -1 answer
At 40 I had twins by c-section. Both legs got enormously swollen hip to toe. MY OB said "eh, it happens." It self-resolved in about 2 weeks. 5 years later the same thing happened when I had another child. When ... Read more
Did I develop rapid-onset venous insufficiency at age 33?
Leg Swelling Treatment -2 answers
Literally overnight I went from never having had a single problem with edema in my life to having what appears to be a chronic problem in both legs. I pushed myself hard trying to work on my bathroom 12 days ag... Read more
Could compression stockings cause shortness of breath?
Leg Swelling Treatment -2 answers
Had heart valve replacement last Dec. 2017 Retaining fluid change diet and fluid intake was doing better. Dr. was worried about swelling in legs, prescribed compression stockings. Now shortness of breath has ... Read more
I injured my leg and developed a bloodclot. I'm an 18 year old female. Is there a cure? I cant walk.
Leg Swelling Treatment -4 answers
I hurt my knee badly. When I went to the doctor he prescribed me pain killers and a knee brace. The swelling was really bad and didn't change a week later, although he assured me I'd be fine in five days. A sec... Read more
Are untreated fibroids fatal?
Leg Swelling Treatment -1 answer
I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids a year ago. I'm having permanent back pain and my legs are swollen. Read more
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I have severe swelling in my ankles and legs along with discoloration and pain. What should I do?
Leg Swelling Treatment -2 answers
I had a venous doppler test done to rule out a blood clot. No clot was found and showed normal venous flow. However, I still have severe swelling in my ankles and legs along with discoloration and pain. It hurt... Read more
Moderate swelling in my thigh 2 1/2 weeks after knee arthroscpy. Sonogam ruled out blood clot, but are my varicose veins causing the thigh swell?
Leg Swelling Treatment -1 answer
He also removed blood (drained knee) one week later but swelling is the same. Can't bend knee from the swelling in the lower thigh area. Read more
I'm 50 years old and have knee problems and lots of swelling. Is it safe to wear the Ted anti embolism thigh high stockings while I sleep?
Leg Swelling Treatment -2 answers
Should I wear regular compression stockings when I am forced to be active and move around vertically? Read more
Wearing a compression stocking after skin cancer surgery on lower leg but it is swollen.
Leg Swelling Treatment -1 answer
Surgery for removal and then a skin graft repair, other than being very sore my leg is now fairly swollen, should I remove the stocking? Appreciate your answer. I will see the surgeons and nurses on Tuesday. Read more
Can I wear pantyhose instead of medical compression stockings?
Leg Swelling Treatment -8 answers
I have large varicose veins. Do pantyhose work just as well as medical grade compression stockings? Read more
What could cause a sudden onset of low back pain, terrible sciatia, and calf and foot swelling in one leg?
Leg Swelling Treatment -2 answers
Two years ago I went to bed with a slight back ache, woke up several hours later with excruciating pain in low back and left leg, cramping and swelling in left leg and foot. The left leg and foot became extreme... Read more

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