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Known also as telangiectasias, spider veins are thin blood vessels that are blue, red or purple in color. They often appear on the surface of the skin, mainly on the face (nose and cheeks) or legs (thighs, calves and ankles). On occasion, they develop elsewhere. Spider veins are given their name because they take on the shape of a spider web, whereby the veins branch out in various directions from a central location. While spider veins are typically treated for cosmetic reasons, there are times where these veins can cause symptoms like night cramps, fatigue, swelling, itching, burning or aching. 

Diagnosing Spider Veins

Since spider veins may signal an underlying circulatory problem like venous insufficiency,  your vein specialist may order imaging studies to help diagnose any potential underlying conditions. These tests are also performed in order to evaluate valve function, understand your valve structure, determine if blood clots are present in the veins and assess the amount of blood that is flowing back into the legs. A physical exam and questions about your symptoms are also in order, and are the first steps your vein specialist will take. All of this information will be used to help your vein doctor choose the proper course of treatment.

Treating Spider Veins

Should an underlying medical condition exist, your doctor will take measures to treat that condition before addressing the cosmetic aspect of your spider veins. When treatment of the spider veins does occur, it will consist of one or both kinds of spider vein therapies.

Sclerotherapy – the doctor will inject a chemical solution into the vein using a very thin needle. This will cause the lining of the vein to become inflamed and harden into scar tissue. The scarred tissue closes off the vein and is later absorbed by the body. The absorption process causes the vein to shrink, making it no longer visible at the surface of the skin. To make up for the loss of the vein, blood is sent to the heart via healthy, functioning veins found deeper within the venous system. For the 10 percent of patients whose bodies do not respond to sclerotherapy, laser treatment may be a more effective alternative.

Laser and light treatment – a high-intensity beam of light is directed at the spider veins, causing them to heat up. The heat damages the blood vessel walls, which triggers the veins to shrink and disappear over time. This particular treatment is best for facial veins, and while it can be used on other areas of the body, it is not typically used on the legs. 

With both treatments, results may take several weeks. Regarding self-care after your procedure, your vein specialist may advise you to wear compression stockings, elevate your legs and do light exercises. All of these tactics help minimize symptoms and prevent the development of new spider veins.

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