Leg Swelling Treatment in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (SD)

When it comes to chronic venous insufficiency, leg swelling often occurs when the valves in the leg no longer function normally. If you notice your legs swelling without subsiding naturally, you need treatment.

How leg swelling is treated

Since malfunctioning valves cause blood to pool in the legs, the best way to reduce swelling is by applying pressure to your legs themselves. Compression garments help by gently squeezing your legs to help move the blood toward your heart. This can reduce the swelling in the legs and may decrease your chance of developing blood clots.

Types of compression garments

Compression stockings

Compression stockings are a category of compression garment that apply higher pressure to your legs and help with more serious vein conditions, circulation problems, and wounds. Compression strengths can range from 20 mmHG to 60 mmHG or more, and can require a prescription from your doctor and a special fitting from a medical supply store.

Support hose 

Support hose are a category of compression garment that are designed to help alleviate mild vein conditions, boost circulation, and help with swelling. Support hose give light, graduated compression on your legs—usually less than 20 mmHG, and you can get them over-the-counter at most drugstores. Support hose are designed to be worn during your day-to-day activities.

Thromboembolic deterrent hose (TED hose)

Thromboembolic deterrent hose (TED hose) are a specific kind of support hose designed for people that are bed-ridden and at risk for developing blood clots. They aren’t intended to be worn for your regular day-to-day activities. They give light pressure of less than 20 mmHG and provide increased pressure on the calf muscle.

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Physicians Vein Clinics is proud to offer the region’s finest vein removal services, using state-of-the-art technology and the skill of a board certified vein physician and laser expert.

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If you have ever wondered whether or not your vein problems can be easily fixed, find out with a free screening at Physicians Vein Clinics. The screening won’t take long and you’re under no obligation to receive further services. We should also be able to tell you whether your insurance will cover the procedure.

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Your free screening consists of three steps:
  1. We will review your medical history and perform a visual exam of the problem area. If necessary, an ultrasound examination will be obtained to identify the underlying cause of your problem. The ultrasound diagnosis isn’t needed very often, but if it is, this is a separate diagnostic test that requires billing to your insurance.
  2. We will diagnose your vein issues and discuss expected outcomes with you.
  3. Dr. Hansen will perform a visual exam and talk over the next course of action with you. If it is determined that your case is medical in nature, we will schedule a consult that consists of mapping and drawing your veins to prove venous deficiency and submit it to your insurance company. If the problems are cosmetic, they will discuss costs and treatment options with you.
Once you decide to move forward with treatment, we will work around your schedule to perform the procedures. Each outpatient procedure is different, but you should expect to return to normal activities in no time with minimal discomfort. Your specific treatment expectations and after-care will be discussed in detail prior to your appointment. Our professional and friendly staff is here to answer all your questions and make your time with us comfortable.

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