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Vein Treatments Questions

The veins in my hands bulge when my hands are down, but go flat when I raise them up. What causes that?
Vein Treatments -10 answers
I am 63 and work out 3 times a week, on the elliptical and also do weight training. Am taking a Tai Chi class once a week as well as a Yoga class. Read more
Are visible veins throughout thighs normal?
Vein Treatments -20 answers
I'm 26 and have translucent skin on my thighs - you can see deep blue veins running throughout (not varicose, just very visible). Is that normal? I am also starting to get spider veins. Read more
Irregular veins have suddenly appeared on my penis. What can be done?
Vein Treatments -2 answers
Approximately 12 months ago I developed a number of visible veins on the shaft of my penis. The onset of said veins occurred suddenly and without a clear catalyst (i.e. no strenuous sexual acts, etc.). I vis... Read more
Can Spironolactone (steroid) treatment make veins more visible?
Vein Treatments -3 answers
I've been on a high dose of Spironolactone for adult acne for the past 2.5 years. Spironolactone affects the levels of aldosterone in the body and I also read it's a steroid. Now that some veins have become mor... Read more
Can you die if you forgo deep vein reflux treatment for too long?
Vein Treatments -15 answers
I was diagnosed 10 years ago with deep vein reflux. At the time, I was told to wear compression hose, but I haven't had any symptoms. I am 5'7, 130 lbs and have three children. Could I die from forgoing deep ve... Read more
Can birth control pills permamently enlarge the veins in the whole body?
Vein Treatments -3 answers
In July 2015 I started to take my birth control pill. Two weeks later, I felt strong pain in my legs and my wrists. At the same time, I noticed that I suddenly got blue veins all over my body! I've never had v... Read more
Recently I noticed that when I lower my arms the veins in my hands start to bulge but when I raise them it goes away.
Vein Treatments -1 answer
I'm not super active except keeping up with my two kids. I have anxiety for which I take 150mg Welbutrin. I'm not sure if the two are connected. Read more
My husband's veins began to bulge after wearing compression stockings. Why is this happening?
Vein Treatments -2 answers
My husband was told he had lymphedema. He did have blood spots that came through his skin (shins), but no swelling and he had his veins checked for blockages and found zero (two different times). His doc told ... Read more
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Why would my vein not flow properly?
Vein Treatments -4 answers
Can compression stockings help relieve headaches and back pain?
Vein Treatments -2 answers
I suffer from migraine headaches. Since compression stockings increase blood flow, is it possible they could help improve headaches? I also have three herniated discs in my back. Would they be able to relieve b... Read more
Is skiing good or bad for your veins? Is there a chance it will speed up the development of new varicose veins?
Vein Treatments -2 answers
I had varicose veins treated and removed from both my legs earlier this year. I have always enjoyed skiing but I wonder if its good or bad for veins and if should ski this winter? I read on various websites tha... Read more
My daughter is 12 going on 13. Is it normal for girls this age to have big blue veins on the back of their thighs?
Vein Treatments -2 answers
She eats veggies and fruit a lot, loves drinking pickle juice straight, doesn't get much exercise. I believe she is a little overweight also loves seafood. Read more
Is pain 3 years after varicose vein surgery normal?
Vein Treatments -4 answers
I had a varicose vein surgery done when I was 18. I had two veins stripped from my leg, and they also closed off a vein with radiofrequency ablation. I still experience a lot of different pain, mostly in the wi... Read more
How will superficial valve insufficiency affect me long-term? What is the best procedure to address this?
Vein Treatments -2 answers
My legs have been achy and heavy. I had an ultrasound at a vascular doctor's office by a tech. She told me that my right leg has severe superficial valve insufficiency. As for the left leg, the superficial valv... Read more
My veins are more noticeable since having them injected. Why?
Vein Treatments -6 answers
I had a vein injected in order to dissolve it. However, the procedure only partially removed it. Now, I notice a lot of my veins are more noticeable. Why is that? Read more
Can enlarged penile veins constrict and naturally fade away?
Vein Treatments -1 answer
A few months ago I used Ginkgo Biloba and this caused enlarged veins on my penis. There is slight discomfort. The dorsal vein is visible and I can easily feel it with my fingers. Is it possible to constrict e... Read more
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