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Vein Treatments Questions

Are visible veins throughout thighs normal?
Vein Treatments -19 answers
I'm 26 and have translucent skin on my thighs - you can see deep blue veins running throughout (not varicose, just very visible). Is that normal? I am also starting to get spider veins. Read more
Can you die if you forgo deep vein reflux treatment for too long?
Vein Treatments -15 answers
I was diagnosed 10 years ago with deep vein reflux. At the time, I was told to wear compression hose, but I haven't had any symptoms. I am 5'7, 130 lbs and have three children. Could I die from forgoing deep ve... Read more
The veins in my hands bulge when my hands are down, but go flat when I raise them up. What causes that?
Vein Treatments -10 answers
I am 63 and work out 3 times a week, on the elliptical and also do weight training. Am taking a Tai Chi class once a week as well as a Yoga class. Read more
My veins are more noticeable since having them injected. Why?
Vein Treatments -6 answers
I had a vein injected in order to dissolve it. However, the procedure only partially removed it. Now, I notice a lot of my veins are more noticeable. Why is that? Read more
Is closure an option for me?
Vein Treatments -6 answers
I am 40 yrs old and have varicose and spider veins. I also have discoloring and hardening around my ankle. After years, my eighth knee surgery was a replacement but the leg still swells, is painful, and cramps ... Read more
Should VNUS or EVLT and foam sclerotherapy be performed at the same time or spaced out?
Vein Treatments -5 answers
What are the benefits and downsides of treating varicose veins with VNUS or EVLT and foam sclerotherapy at the same doctor visit vs. having the foam treatment at a later time? Is there a large percentage of pat... Read more
My mom's blood clot has traveled beyond her leg. What is happening?
Vein Treatments -5 answers
My mom was diagnosed with a blood clot in her lower leg a year ago. She went to have a ultrasound done the other day and the doctor said it wasn't in her vein and it has spread. They are looking into it but she... Read more
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Is there a procedure that can remove all of my remaining varicose veins?
Vein Treatments -4 answers
I had varicose veins when I was pregnant with my two children. My legs hurt and my veins would protrude. As soon as I had my son, I had the same problem; they hurt a lot when I was standing. I sought treatment ... Read more
Is pain 3 years after varicose vein surgery normal?
Vein Treatments -4 answers
I had a varicose vein surgery done when I was 18. I had two veins stripped from my leg, and they also closed off a vein with radiofrequency ablation. I still experience a lot of different pain, mostly in the wi... Read more
Why would my vein not flow properly?
Vein Treatments -4 answers
Can normal veins be treated?
Vein Treatments -4 answers
So i have normal very long green bluish color veins in my wrist. I know there normal but I hate how they look. Can I treat it with sclerotgerapy? I also have 2 long green veins in my chest. Help! Also I'm 15, c... Read more
I'm still having vein problems after being treated with laser surgery. What should I do now? How can I solve my vein problems once and for all?
Vein Treatments -4 answers
I have had vein problems for almost 2.5 years now. I had laser surgery but the problems still exist. How can I solve my vein problems once and for all? Read more
How do I speed up pain and healing of a blood clot in the arm?
Vein Treatments -4 answers
I have a nonocclusive thrombus within the left subclavian, axillary and basilic vein from a picc line. I'm now running a fever, having chills, arm pain radiating into my chest and headaches. I'm on blood thinne... Read more
Should I have my veins treated?
Vein Treatments -4 answers
I had sclero done on my rt leg to treat some reticular & spider veins, mainly on my lower legs. I was told I should get the blue veins treated on my upper leg as they are "feeding" the darker blue veins on my l... Read more
please what is grade b compression stockings
Vein Treatments -3 answers
I am trying to buy grade b compression stocknigs online but they don't show them in grades. What should I look for? Read more
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