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Venous Leg Vein Care Questions

I have bulging veins that burn, ache, and itch. An area around one leg even goes numb. What should I do about this?
Venous Leg Vein Care -1 answer
I'm obese and post-menopausal. On the front of my left upper thigh, I have 4 small rock-like bulges that are in a straight row. At times they burn and ache; sometimes they are larger than other times. I take co... Read more
Is it safe to take an 11-hour flight if I have a superficial blood clot in one of my legs?
Venous Leg Vein Care -1 answer
I have some redness and bruise-like pain (only on touching) on the front of my lower left leg. These symptoms are occurring near an area of varicose veins. I've been told I have a superficial blood clot that wi... Read more
I had RFA on the main vein in my inner left leg (from below the knee to the thigh) 10 weeks ago, have just noticed an inflamed patch...
Venous Leg Vein Care -3 answers
I've just noticed an inflamed patch about 5 cm along part of the fading bruise.. I've put ibuprofen gel on there, Any further advice? Read more
Is it normal for your leg to itch a lot after a vein procedure?
Venous Leg Vein Care -2 answers
The treated leg itches a lot, specifically down the center. I removed the badges and am wearing the support knee-high compression stocking, but the itching feels like it's under the skin. Is this normal? Read more

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