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Veinwave Questions

Does this procedure require an MD or can an aesthetician or cosmetologist be trained in this procedure?
Veinwave -1 answer
Are there regional issues. Can this procedure be done by an aesthetician is some states rather than others, for instance? Read more
Is it normal for skin to get crusty after VeinWave treatment?
Veinwave -2 answers
I had VeinWave two days ago and now my skin is crusty and flaking around the treatment area. Should I be concerned? Read more
Is Veinwave as safe as other spider vein treatments?
Veinwave -1 answer
How does it compare to sclerotherapy in terms of efficacy and safety? Read more
Can veinwave cause hyperpigmentation?
Veinwave -3 answers
I have hyperpigmentation after veinwave, and I've used fadeout creams but seen no improvement. Is this common? What can be done to improve the hyperpigmentation? Read more

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