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Stenting Questions

I'm 99% blocked again just 10 months after vein ablation and stenting. Why do I need another procedure so soon?
Stenting -2 answers
I had a vein ablation and a stent put into my left leg 10 months ago. I was told yesterday I am 99% blocked again and need to redo the procedure? Is it possible that I need the procedure again this soon after ... Read more
I have a stent covering 2 cerebral aneurysms. Could this be causing the veins in my hands to bulge?
Stenting -1 answer
I have a stent covering 2 cerebral aneurysms. I've noticed the veins in my hands bulge out sometimes and at other times I cannot see them. Could the stent be the problem? Read more
Can stents be removed from illiac veins?
Stenting -1 answer
I read they can be removed one wire at a time. I have about 100 wires and wonder if this would be open surgery. I was implanted without needing them. My legs looked good, I could stand upright, no pain, no swel... Read more
What can I do about stents that are causing nerve damage and pain?
Stenting -1 answer
18 months ago a vascular surgeon implanted me with 2 iliac stents. I am 69 and he never mentioned the risks or showed me what they look like. I am very upset. I have nerve damage, more veins and pain in my pelv... Read more
Can Illiac vein stents be removed? I feel they were unnecessary.
Stenting -1 answer
I don't have any type of vein disease except spider veins. I was told I had an obstruction but wouldn't that show up on the outside of my legs? I got two stents and one ablation to one leg. I have abdominal pai... Read more
Is it possible to be diagnosed with reflux without a dye test?
Stenting -3 answers
I was implanted with stents on both iliac veins, no venology, only ultra sound. I had only spider veins, no visible varicose veins. The staff and doctor said I had reflux how would they know that without the dy... Read more
Is illiac vein stenting always done before vein closure?
Stenting -1 answer
I had two illiac vein stents without knowing they were stainless steel mesh, my doctor never let me know what they look like, or any of the risks or precautions. Had I seen them I would not have had the surger... Read more
I have a chronic occluded iliac femoral DVT in my left leg after having a total hysterectomy. Should I try vein stenting again?
Stenting -3 answers
It has been one year since the clot. I wear full-length compression stockings all day. Is there any chance of the clot recannalizing, or is this it for me? I walk/jog and go to the gym, but my leg swells and ge... Read more
I have chronic venous insufficiency and mild May-Thurner syndrome, is it too risky to get pregnant? Also, should I consider stenting?
Stenting -2 answers
I was diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency and mild May-Thurner syndrome 4 years ago. I have never been pregnant. I manage the problem daily with compression socks and a low-salt diet. Both legs swell ev... Read more
How long should stents last?
Stenting -2 answers
I've had 3 procedures, 2 stents on my left leg & I'm going in for another.. It's only been 6 mos from the last one & this time the cramping & numbness are worse in my leg & foot. Please help. Read more
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What are stents and when are they used in the legs?
Stenting -2 answers
Stenting is a relatively new topic for me. Can you please inform me about the process? Can stents be dangerous or lead to death? Read more
What should I do for a deep vein clot?
Stenting -4 answers
I have had a deep vein clot for six months now and my thigh pain is getting worse. I also have a clot in the superfical vein on the side of my leg. I was told they are both large. Is there anything I can do to ... Read more
I am 43 female I have had surgical treaments however my left leg still hurts all the time what can I do?
Stenting -3 answers
I Have had stripping, ligation, injections.I am a normal weight try to be active although with exercise of any kind my leg hurts after. I don't have all the bulging of the veins but with standing my leg goes d... Read more
Why do I still have pain when I walk?
Stenting -1 answer
I have stents in both legs and I still cannot walk without extreme pain. The pain subsides when I lay down. I have had this pain for 5 years now and have also had a toe amputated due to plaque break off. Read more
How long does a Stent last?
Stenting -3 answers
How often will I have to replace my stent? Read more

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