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Sclerotherapy Questions

I have many spider veins and bigger veins. Is sclerotherapy appropriate?
Sclerotherapy -8 answers
I'm a 25-year- old male and I have many veins on my calf, ankle and tibia. After X-rays, the doctor told me that my deep veins are healthy enough so I don't need EVLT. However, he recommended several sclerother... Read more
Are there risks associated with performing sclerotherapy on penile veins?
Sclerotherapy -3 answers
Sclerotherapy creates a scar on the vein's wall, so if the procedure is performed on a person's penile vein, will sex be painful? Will it affect my ability to get an erection? Read more
Are there risks associated with having multiple sclerotherapy sessions, or is there a limited number of treatments a person should have on both legs?
Sclerotherapy -4 answers
My doctor recommended sclerotherapy after stripping to treat the remaining small(er) veins. He said I have venous insufficiency and that my varicosities will keep coming back. He said that I could have injectio... Read more
If I have a vein that is visible yet normal, can I get it treated?
Sclerotherapy -5 answers
I have a prominent vein in front of my upper thigh that runs up to my stomach. It does not appear varicose to me, but it's very visible. Is it possible to get this treated even if the visibility is only due to ... Read more
My company won't cover my sclerotherapy treatment, what can I do?
Sclerotherapy -4 answers
After having laser surgery on both legs last year, my company now will not cover sclerotherapy. My doctor says that new veins are present and wants to treat them. What can I do? Read more
Is Sclerotherapy safe?
Sclerotherapy -9 answers
Is it safe and effective to get sclerotherapy treatment while breastfeeding?
Sclerotherapy -9 answers
I have an 11 month old who is breastfeeding. Is it safe for him if I get sclerotherapy now, or will the drugs get into my breastmilk for extended periods? Also, will it be effective, or will the hormones from b... Read more
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I have a sudden pain in my left thigh at the back where the injected site is. There is no bruising, but there's a dull ache. Is that normal?
Sclerotherapy -12 answers
I had sclerotherapy treatment on both thighs over five weeks ago. The results have been really good, the majority of the red veins have disappeared. I wore compressing stockings for three weeks during the days.... Read more
How long should I treat an ulceration from sclerotherapy with a prescribed burn cream?
Sclerotherapy -14 answers
I am at week 10 dealing with this ulceration. First it was treated with antibiotics and Bactrian now I am using a burn cream. It is on the lower shin. Is it normal for healing to take this long? Is there a more... Read more
Is it normal to have calf pain four months after sclerotherapy?
Sclerotherapy -2 answers
About four moths ago, I got a reticular vein treated on my leg. I had no pain after the treatment until about a month ago when I started to develop minor calf pain and an aching sensation that comes and goes th... Read more
Can full body massage affect sclerotherapy performed two years ago?
Sclerotherapy -8 answers
I had sclerotherapy two years ago and recently I had a full-body massage. After the massage, I experienced discomforting pain on both legs. My legs are easily tired and feels heavy now. What should I do? Read more
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