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Phlebectomy Questions

My doc removed my healthy veins instead of my problematic veins. What now? What complications might I face? Is treatment still possible?
Phlebectomy -3 answers
I had the GSV removed from my left leg and LSV removed my right leg. However, the doctor inadvertently took the wrong veins from the wrong legs. He took healthy veins and left behind the bad veins. I'm not aski... Read more
I have a swollen lymph node following stab avulsions/phlebectomy. Is this normal?
Phlebectomy -1 answer
After my stab avulsions/phlebotomy, an ultrasound indicated that I have a swollen lymph node. Is this normal? I had EVLT late January and the stab avulsion March 25th, ultrasound March 31st. Read more
Why does my leg feel uncomfortable when I carry weight?
Phlebectomy -1 answer
Five years after having a phlebectomy, new veins appeared and my leg started to ache whenever I carried weight up to the point to be unable to carry my laptop in my backpack. Have you encountered this situation... Read more
Why are my ankles swollen nearly two weeks after having a phlebectomy?
Phlebectomy -3 answers
I am going back for my post-op checkup on Wednesday, but am wondering about swelling in my ankles. I had a phlebectomy a little over a week ago and quite a few veins were removed. Over these past two days, my a... Read more

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