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Microphlebectomy Questions

How does Microphlebectomy work?
Microphlebectomy -6 answers
How can the large veins be pulled out of such small little incisions? Read more
What kind of anesthesia is used during Microphlebectomy?
Microphlebectomy -9 answers
Will I be put under? What is typically used for pain? Read more
How long before Microphlebectomy should I stop taking aspirin?
Microphlebectomy -6 answers
I've heard that taking aspirin could complicate the procedure. I take aspirin daily, but I want to make sure it doesn't affect my vein procedure. What is a safe period of time to allow for the drug to be out of... Read more
Will I need to take antibiotics after my Microphlebectomy procedure?
Microphlebectomy -7 answers
Is the risk of infection very high? Read more
When should one have microphlebectomy versus endovenous ablation procedures?
Microphlebectomy -8 answers
I want to have my varicose veins on my legs addressed. Are there certain circumstances where microphlebectomy is better than endovenous ablation? Or vice versa? Read more
What is the recovery and post-operative care like after microphlebectomy?
Microphlebectomy -5 answers
What is the length of recovery? Read more
Can I expect a lot of bruising after Microphlebectomy?
Microphlebectomy -4 answers
How bruised will my legs be after the Microphlebectomy procedure?| Read more
Should I get Microphlebectomy and Endovenous Ablation to ensure my varicose veins do not come back?
Microphlebectomy -5 answers
I have multiple large superficial veins on my legs. Should I get microphlebectomy to get rid of the veins themselves, and then ELA so they don't come back? Or will ELA be enough that I wont need microphlebectom... Read more
Does microphlebectomy require a longer recovery time than endovenous ablation techniques?
Microphlebectomy -5 answers
Do the incisions take longer to heal? Read more
When would microphlebectomy be used instead of ELA?
Microphlebectomy -5 answers
It seems like ELA is less invasive. Read more
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Is microphlebectomy the same thing as ambulatory phlebectomy?
Microphlebectomy -7 answers
I have large varicose veins on both legs and am trying to figure out what the best treatment is. Microphlebectomy and ambulatory phlebectomy both are surgical procedures, and they sound kind of the same. Which ... Read more
Does microphlebectomy cause scarring?
Microphlebectomy -7 answers
I've heard microphlebectomy described as minimally invasive, but from what I understand it's still surgery. Wont there still be scars? Read more
What is the recovery time after cauterizing veins with microphlebectomy?
Microphlebectomy -8 answers
How long does it take one to recover after vein surgery? Read more
Is microphlebectomy effective in treating varicose veins?
Microphlebectomy -9 answers
I've heard microphlebectomy is a newer surgical treatment method for varicose veins. What exactly is it, and is it as effective as other surgical or minimally-invasive treatment options? Read more

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