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EVTA Questions

Does having a superficial blood clot in my varicose vein greatly increase my risk of DVT? How soon before I can fly long haul?
EVTA -1 answer
I have painful, severe varicose veins in my rt leg. I also have swelling/pain/heaviness in both. Last year, a vein surgeon confirmed this is due to problems with veins in both legs and suggested EVLA and sclero... Read more
I'm 6 months post-op EVTA and I still have throbbing pain in the same place (inside leg at the knee). How long can I expect to deal with this?
EVTA -1 answer
Six months ago I had laser ablation on my right leg—greater saph. vein, with several phlebectomies, then later schlerotherapy. I still have throbbing pain sometimes in the same place as pre-op pain (inside le... Read more
Leg pain 5 months after RF closure of GSV and SSV. Is this normal?
EVTA -2 answers
I been having numbness and extreme sensitivity of my lower leg since my left GSV and SSV closure was done about 5 months ago and now I'm starting to have foot cramps as well. The pain is more of a sensitivity a... Read more
Can sclerotherapy be used to ablate any portion of the GSV that EVTA may not have gotten, or does the catheter procedure have to finish it up?
EVTA -2 answers
The 5-6 week post ultrasound shows both GSV were ablated and no DVT's supposedly, but there is a 1-2 inch varicose vein on the medial side of the knee by one of the insertions that is still there. I thought tha... Read more
Could EVTA in the thigh cause a feeling of tightness or stretching behind the knee & numbness in back of the thigh and hips?
EVTA -4 answers
Symptoms Improve with light exercise & worsen after sitting or standing too long. Numbness in back of thighs & hips if sitting or even laying down at night. Both legs done four months ago, but symptoms only... Read more
Should I have Venefit done?
EVTA -11 answers
I had ultrasounds and my left leg supposedly has blood flowing south in the superficial vein. I have no pain, leg cramps, nothing. The spider veins are unsightly and I grow concerned to remove that one cluster ... Read more
I had radio frequency ablation 10 days ago and the vein at the side of my knee and in my calf remain. Will they disappear completely?
EVTA -3 answers
The surgeon entered my leg just above the bulging veins on that leg instead of at the knee as he planned originally. Will the remaining veins shrivel away of is it a case of having foam now? Read more
Is it OK to go horseback riding after laser treatments?
EVTA -3 answers
I ride a dressage horse, which requires more skill than typical western saddle riding. When can I expect to safely ride after endovenous laser treatment? Read more
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