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EVLT Questions

How can I relieve post-EVLT pain? NSAIDs are not helping.
EVLT -24 answers
I had EVLT about 2-3 weeks ago and I'm still experiencing sharp pain. It's mostly when I stand or walk. Even when I wear a compression stocking during standing or walking, there is no relief. But if I don't wea... Read more
I had an EVLT procedure a year ago on my right leg. Now I have more varicoses veins, and my ankle and foot are swelling and painful. Is this normal?
EVLT -24 answers
The doctor wanted to do my left leg also and I am happy I didn't do it. What is the next step? Should I get a second opinion? Read more
I had EVLT done on 1/16/15 and I just noticed a bruise on the operative leg. Is this normal?
EVLT -14 answers
It seems striated and is painful and getting larger. There's no predisposing trauma, and I'm unsure on what to do. Please help! Read more
Generally, what is the success rate (meaning no sural nerve damage) of LSV ablations between the ankle to mid-calf?
EVLT -13 answers
I've had my GSV ablated, and then my LSV ablated between the mid-calf to knee. But a follow-up ultrasound found much reflux in my LSV between the ankle to mid-calf. My doctor advises to ablate this area as well... Read more
If the preferred method of ELVT is treating one leg at a time, how long will I have to wait before doing the second leg?
EVLT -11 answers
I run 12 miles twice a week. It has been suggested that both of my legs need endovenous laser treatment. How soon after treating one leg can I have the other leg treated? Is it possible to begin running [carefu... Read more
My doctor suggested radiofrequency ablation over EVLT because I have large veins, is this argument valid?
EVLT -11 answers
My vein doctor said radiofrequency ablation would be better than laser (EVLT) because I have such large veins. I read a lot about radiofrequency ablation and it seems a good option, but is the "big veins" argum... Read more
I have had EVLT on my great saphenous veins on both legs twice. Now I am being told they need to do it again. Is this normal?
EVLT -11 answers
I have had severe venous insufficiency for many years and have had a total of 8 EVLT procedures. I currently get disability because of the problems I have. It makes it difficult to hold a job. My doctor said I ... Read more
Could i have bleeding post op EVLT?
EVLT -10 answers
If the vein were to refill, could I develop a tear and bleed? Read more
How long can I wait to have my great saphenous vein treated?
EVLT -9 answers
I recently went in to have sclerotherapy on two veins on the lower left leg. I had endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) on the small saphenous vein and it was VERY, VERY painful. The doctor now wants to do the gr... Read more
I have severe itching and redness after EVLT, is this normal?
EVLT -9 answers
I had endovenous laser treatment on both legs in December. My leg is still discolored and numb at the injection sites, but my major problems are redness and extreme itching. The pattern travels up and then down... Read more
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I have numbness after EVLT with phlebectomy, will this ever resolve?
EVLT -9 answers
I had endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) with phlebectomy on the left leg 3 days ago. I now have numbness around my left ankle, on the left side of my foot, and running up the right side of my shin from the ankl... Read more
I am getting mixed information from two reputed physicians, who should I trust more?
EVLT -9 answers
I am a 25-year-old male who has been diagnosed with varicose veins in my both legs. I went to two reputed radiologists in my town and as per their reports, all my junctions are competent except one incompetent ... Read more
During my EVLT I could smell and taste a slight "burning” odor. I didn’t feel well during or after the procedure. I was really dizzy. Is that normal?
EVLT -9 answers
During the EVLT laser procedure I really didn't feel well, especially when the laser was on. I felt dizzy and the smell of "burning" freaked me out. Even after I was done, it took me couple hours to feel normal... Read more
I will be getting EVLT in a few months. Are there any long-term complications from this?
EVLT -8 answers
I'm concerned that these veins are needed and by removing them, will create lymphedema and decreased circulation in my legs. Read more
Is it OK to undergo EVLT while being treated for Lyme disease?
EVLT -8 answers
My right leg has reflux, and I needed the surgery 5 years ago but chickened out. Now I'm being treated for Lyme disease and the vein situation has worsened. Is it okay to have an endovenous laser treatment (EVL... Read more
After endovenous laser ablation treatment, how long does it take for the tightness/discomfort to resolve?
EVLT -8 answers
I'm athletic, in good shape, and have always had excellent flexibility. I am concerned because 4 weeks after endovenous laser treatment my knees are better but not "normal." I cannot bend them all the way (cal... Read more
Pain returned after EVLT/sclerotherapy, do you know what might be wrong?
EVLT -8 answers
I had EVLT and it resolved most of my pain. Four weeks after I had foam sclerotherapy, my pain returned. Actually, it has worsened. One month post, I wear 30-40 mmHgstockings daily, but still I hurt SO much. I ... Read more
Can EVLT be done after vein stripping surgery?
EVLT -7 answers
I had vein stripping surgery 11 years ago, but my feet have gotten worse. Is it safe to have an endovenous laser treatment after vein stripping surgery? Will I still have enough veins to support my legs? I am 4... Read more
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